Wednesday, 29 September 2010

First day

well here i am. ready and raring to get started on my very first blog! how exciting. i am a complete novice so i will take it steady and see how it goes.
 I am in the fortunate position of working part-time so that I have time for my parents, children and of course grandchildren. It also gives me time to enjoy my hobbies which are mostly stitch related. Once a month I toddle off to the Embroiderers Guild and the local Patchwork and Quilters Club where I enjoy the company of other like minded people and learn all sorts of stitch related things.  I also like to design stuff. mainly bags.sometimes other things (it is bunting at the moment ).
 I am thinking of selling them at craft fairs as there are only so many bags you can give as presents!
 I am at home at the moment with a rather annoying chesty cold which is affecting my voice so i cant talk for long without getting breathy (no sniggering at the back please ) so no visitors except brave auntie Myrtle who is coming for dinner tonight, and now hubby seems to be getting it too!

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